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Terms of Privacy and Use

Welcome to “Shofey?” Search Engine. The following are the conditions of use that may be changed or updated from time to time and you are responsible for observing these conditions.
1. “Shofey?” Search Engine assumes no responsibility for the sales and purchase transactions between the advertiser and the beneficiary of the advertisement
2. The Search Engine is not responsible for your content, which you publish, transmit or link through the service. You are solely responsible for all information you submit.
3. “Shofey?” Search Engine not sell / supply / distribute any of the following:

  • Fresh Food
  • Pharmaceutical Products or Medicines
  • Airline Tickets or Hotel Bookings
  • Cosmetics or Vitamins or Health Supplements
  • Cosmoceutials or any other product, which requires approval from Ministry of Health
  • Finacial service, online brokerages, speculation of currencies, stocks, bonds, etc...
  • Groceries
  • Direct Car Rentals Services
  • Tobacco products and alcoholic beverages
  • Massage or any other services that require special approvals

4. Any advertising/ publishing that is not subject to ethical standards will be banned
5. The Search Engine contain links from other sites. Logging in other sites’ links will make you subject to their terms and conditions.
6. The Search Engine assumes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or reliability of the information contained in the other sites. Accessing the other sites is at your own responsibility.
7. To inquire or suggest please contact info@shofey.com